2005 we expanded our flock by adding three black ewes and a white
ram from New York.  This enabled us to develop a third breeding
line.  In July 2005 we added another well-bred small black ram from
Washington State near the Canadian border.

The beginning of 2006 brought us the best opportunity thus far to
enhance our breeding program.  Frosty Creek Farms, Ann Cramer
made the painful decision to downsize her farming responsibilities
and exited the sheep breeding business.  Frosty Creek Farms was
one of the pillars of the Miniature Cheviot Breeders Association and
we were honored to have the opportunity to add 14 of her best ewes
to our flock.  We are now the largest breeder of registered
Miniature Cheviot Sheep in the U.S. with one of the most diverse
bloodlines in one location.

All of our sheep are registered with the American Miniature Cheviot
Sheep Breeders Association, formerly The American Miniature
Brecknock Hill Sheep Breeders Association.  Although, the registry
name has changed the breed standards have remained the same.

As a small breed, they fit well into the lifestyle of those that have
limited acreage and would like to have sheep.  The small size and
comical nature makes these adorable sheep easy to handle and
economical to maintain. There are many creative uses for miniature
cheviots - weed control, low maintenance lawn mowers, beautiful
lawn ornaments, great fleece producers, just to name a few.  

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